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Have you suddenly found yourself with blurred or cloudy vision? Maybe you’re struggling with driving visibility at night, or perhaps colors aren’t looking as vivid as they used to. These are all symptoms of cataracts, which can start to appear most significantly after age 60. Like so many things as we age, the effects of cataracts can sneak upon us, but this doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of the things you love to do.

At Lanter, we apply a personalized approach to your cataract treatment, considering both the condition of your cataracts and your lifestyle. We offer a variety of premium lens implants that are uniquely designed to provide improved vision at distance and near.


Tecnis IOL ExampleThe TECNIS® multifocal IOL not only restores vision after cataract surgery but can also be used for refractive surgery in patients over the age of 50. It‘s a foldable lens that focuses light on the retina at various depths to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Here’s how an intraocular lens procedure works…

  1. Your eye is cleaned and dilated.
  2. A topical anesthetic is used on the top of the eye before a small incision is made.
  3. An ultrasonic device is inserted into the incision to break down and remove hard yellow proteins that form the cataract.
  4. Your new, folded intraocular lens is inserted through the incision and permanently positioned.
  5. The incision self-seals following the procedure—no stitches required.
  6. You may notice improved vision with your new lens in as soon as the first 24 hours after surgery.

Are Intraocular Lens Implants Right for You?

Over three million cataract procedures are performed each year, but not everybody is a candidate. Take our quick IOL self-evaluation test to find out if cataract surgery may be right for you, or schedule an examination with us.

IOL Self-Evaluation Test

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