iStent Treatment

iStent® Microtrabecular Bypass Device & iStent® Inject

Lanter Eye is proud to offer the iStent® and the iStent® inject! These treatments are for patients with mild to moderate open angle glaucoma.

The iStent® is a micro-invasive glaucoma surgical procedure developed in the last decade. It was approved by the FDA for use in conjunction with cataract surgery.

The procedure works to reduce intraocular pressure. The iStent® achieves this by enhancing the flow of fluid from the eye’s drainage system. Micro-invasive procedures have lower risks of complications than traditional glaucoma surgery.

How Does the iStent® Work?

The iStent® is a tiny 1mm titanium implant that improves that drainage of aqueous fluid from the eye. The iStent® does this using the eye’s normal drainage system.

It creates permanent bypasses from the front of the eye. The iStent® then goes through the trabecular meshwork. This is where the fluid block is occurring.

Where Is the Procedure Performed?

Cataract and iStent® procedures are usually performed in ambulatory surgical centers.  After your procedure, you will be able to go home within a few hours.

What Will Happen During the Procedure?

Cataract and iStent® procedures are almost always performed under local anesthesia. Once your surgeon has removed your cataracts, he will make a tiny incision in your eye.

After the incision, your surgeon will then insert the iStent® device.

What Will Happen During the Procedure?

A gauze patch and a plastic shield are placed over the eye for about twenty-four hours. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eyedrops.

It is very important to follow the dosage instructions. You’ll need to come back the next day for a post-operative follow up appointment.

Once the iStent® has been successfully implanted, you will not be able to feel it. Recovery is usually quick, but you should not engage in strenuous activities for a few weeks. This includes sports, heavy lifting, or any movements that involve straining.

In clinical studies, most patients were able to reduce or cut out the use of prescription eye drops! They were also able to maintain normal intraocular pressure after the surgery.

Will My Insurance Pay for the iStent®?

Medicare pays for the iStent® when it is medically necessary. Most commercial insurers will pay for the procedure.

There is no guarantee insurance will pay for it, so confirm authorization before. Lanter Eye staff can assist you with any documentation needed for insurance authorization.

Are There Any Risks or Complications?

There is a possibility of complications with all medical procedures. The iStent® procedure is performed in conjunction with cataract surgery. You should ask your eye doctor to explain the standard risks of cataract surgery as well.

The iStent® is very safe, especially as ophthalmologists have gained more experience. Some possible complications include:

  • Temporary elevation of intraocular pressure
  • Stent obstruction (blockage) 
  • Eye inflammation

Will The iStent® Interfere with My Ability to Have an MRI In the Future?

No, it is safe to have an MRI after having the iStent® inserted.

Can I Have The iStent® Procedure to Treat My Glaucoma Even If I Don’t Have Cataract Surgery?

Not currently. The FDA has only approved the iStent® for use during cataract surgery. Any other use is experimental.

What Are the Differences Between The iStent® And The iStent® inject?

The iStent® is the first generation, while the iStent® inject is the next generation after it. The iStent® inject is also thought to be the smallest medical device that has ever been FDA approved.

The iStent® inject received its FDA approval in 2018 after extensive testing. The inject implants two tiny stents into two trabecular meshwork locations.

Like the iStent®, the iStent® inject successfully reduces intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.

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