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About Our Medical Website

Lanter Eye Care understands the importance of patient care in all forms in Indianapolis. It’s no surprise then that we have a medical website design built for ease of access. No matter how you find our medical website, it will be a seamless experience from start to finish.

Any Patient Will Find It Easy To Use

When building a website, especially a medical website design, you must make it easy to use. That’s why our medical website is responsive.

You may not know what the term “responsive” means but you already know what it does. Responsive simply means that our medical website design performs without issue on any device.

Tablet, PC, or even smartphones can handle loading our website with zero issues. Why would you want to load a website that isn’t easy?

Thanks to responsive first design, you can even switch devices while using our website and have no problems navigating.

Our Medical Website Is Easy To Find Online

Wondering how Google knew you were looking for Lanter Eye Care and our medical website? It’s all about SEO, or search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization makes it possible for Google to crawl the web for search results. A website that isn’t optimized properly will never be found by patients.

That’s why we use the premiere medical website SEO firm in the country. You wouldn’t take your BMW to an average mechanic, so why would we trust our medical website design to anyone but an agency that specializes in ophthalmology?

Patients in the Indianapolis area are always able to find us, no matter if they are looking for information on PRK surgery, LASIK, or general eye care!

We Are Always Available

The beauty of a medical website is we are always open and available! Even if our office isn’t open, you can always access our website.

We make sure that our website is always up, thanks to the best hosting available. It’s important that our patients in Indiana know that we are here whenever they need us.

Looking for more information about cataracts? Wondering if the iStent procedure for glaucoma could be right for you? You can always find it on our medical website, day or night!

Information On Our Medical Website Is Updated Frequently

The only thing worse than an old medical website is one that hasn’t been updated recently. You won’t run into this problem on ours.

That’s because we make sure that information on our medical website is always updated on a regular basis. We know that patients use our website as a resource.

It’s important to keep this information as current as possible. Patients appreciate it, and it’s a good thing to do if you want to rank well for SEO.

Having accurate, current information means that our website is updated with new services, procedures, and doctors. If we open a new location, you’ll find it on our website.

If we add anything in the office, we also make sure it’s added on the website as well. This is our commitment to our patients at Lanter Eye Care.

We Give Patients The Ability To Help Themselves

If a patient isn’t ready to see their eye doctor, they may peruse our medical website. This is especially true if they want more information on a procedure like LASIK.

Part of the success of a good medical website design lies in having engagement objects. These are just what they sound like. Engagement objects are things on the website that help patients stay engaged.

In many cases, this is a self-test for something like LASIK or cataract surgery. These short tests are interactive and provide patients with more information about a procedure.

They may also tell a patient if they are a candidate for the procedure. If they are not, they will give them other procedures they may be better suited for instead.

The idea is to start the education process and gauge interest with the patient. Many people who start thinking about a procedure like LASIK take about 2 years before they decide they want to undergo it.

An interactive self-test can provide information and start the process on their time while helping the practice gain a lead.

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Love our medical website? It was built by the experts at Glacial Multimedia, Inc.

Glacial is the best choice for medical website design, as well as for ophthalmology digital marketing.

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